Adventuring party delves into the depths of horror!

Adventuring party delves into the depths of horror!

Gross slimes and orcs infest the bowels of a moonlit manor!
Daraku Gear is releasing a new Halloween limited event, “Cum Fiend Delight”! With his trusty holy sword, Ekram delves into the dungeon of a mysterious manor to unlock the secret of a reclusive earl. Included in the event are two new skins, “Sex Sorceress Rita” and “Tramp Rogue Xinthia”, plus a new gameplay system: Senki Arcadia!

New Adventuring System: Senki Arcadia

Players can collect Spook Coins as they explore the nodes on an adventure map. Each new node you reach contains its own special rewards and story, giving players an opportunity to win a treasure trove of prizes!

Barbed Enchantress

Legend tells of an ancient dungeon where the most feared enemy is not the Infernal King, but a charming, seductive enchantress with a menacing, dark red helmet symbolizing her status. And on this hat, a thorn-like pattern warns strangers to keep their distance... Enemies easily lured by her beauty have zero chance of escaping, using ancient witchcraft and the most vicious potions to ruthlessly torture them. Their painful wails and pleas for mercy during battle nourish and peak Rita's sexual desire, producing an intense glow of Lustite energy before destroying her foes on the battlefield!

They can't stop leaking! It's one of the class perks of being a Sex Sorceress! It's called "Lust Invocation"!

Ominous Archangel

Deep within a cavernous dungeon, bats are the least of an adventurer’s problems. The Ominous Archangel, with its black and orange design that hints at its dual nature, seems to possess a fiery emotion hidden beneath its frosty exterior. It’s rumored that it searches endlessly for its beloved master, but no one knows for sure. A desperate adventurer once tried to inquire who it’s looking for, but no one has seen him ever since… and so, the Ominous Archangel still wanders underground to this day. The signature bow insignia on its chest can be seen from a distance when venturing through the dungeon’s winding tunnels. If encountered, it’s best to hold your breath, or you’re likely to become yet another ghost among the many dead who still haunt its home, for this archangel views all who are not its master as enemies!

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