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"Kotone's 2nd Chance"

"Kotone's 2nd Chance"

Kotone's 2nd Chance Daraku Gear

Operation Ruby Blushes

Operation Ruby Blushes...

Rise of Eros Operation Ruby Blushes

Rainy Season has arrived!

Rainy Season has arriv...

NU: Carnival

Cirque du Mort ~A Mysterious Troupe's Conspiracy of Blood~

Cirque du Mort ~A Myst...

Rise of Eros Cirque du Mort

If justice is vanquished, the dominion of evil prevails!

If justice is vanquish...

Daraku Gear

Chimes of Darkness has arrived!

Chimes of Darkness has...

NU: Carnival

Army x Blood x Oath has arrived!

Army x Blood x Oath ha...

NU: Carnival

Welcome to Daraku Gear, let's do a concert!

Welcome to Daraku Gear...

Daraku Gear

"Fantastic Fantasies"  Now Available

"Fantastic Fantasies" ...

Rise of Eros Fantastic Fantasies

Sky Music Festival ~ Now Available

Sky Music Festival ~ N...

Rise of Eros Sky Music Festival

NU: Carnival's First-Anniversary Event - Forest Carnival!

NU: Carnival's First-A...

NU: Carnival