Captain a Spaceship of Seduction in Star Lusts!

Captain a Spaceship of Seduction in Star Lusts!

Pinkcore, the renowned publisher of adult games such as TenkafuMA and Rise of Eros, have collaborated with Ice Cone Studio on their newest shoot ‘em up title, StarLust, now in its final stages of development. 



StarLust is a bullet hell-style shoot ‘em up game which fuses sci-fi, mecha, and anthropomorphic themes. Players take on the role of Captain of an Earth Federation ship and lead a team of mecha-enhanced Cadettes through the boundlessness of space on a mission to confront hostile alien forces that threaten the human race, and capture ancient beauties awakened from a rift in the universe, known as Mimics.​


Command Federation Forces and Confront Ancient Alien Lifeforms!

The story of StarLust takes place at a time when human civilization is reaching unprecedented pinnacles of glory and achievement, and yet the natural resources of the Earth and its neighboring planets have been almost depleted. World leaders have decided to put aside their historical conflicts, joining together to establish the Earth Federation and set out for unknown regions beyond the Solar System.

The Earth Federation is tasked with producing a military force able to withstand confrontation with mighty alien civilizations, and secure the resources necessary to guarantee the future of humanity. After countless experiments and much scientific research, a small number of women are found to be suitable for cybernetic fusion with mechanical artillery. The Federation has finally managed to build soldiers with unrivaled combat strength: after transformation, these women are known as “Cadettes”.

While the Cadettes are successful in their search for resources and skirmishes against extraterrestrial civilizations, the humans’ thuggish, savage tactics rouse the Primordial Gods from their slumber deep within the cosmos, and they order their beautiful humanoid concubines, the Mimics, to put an end to the human race once and for all…


Build Battle-Ready Cadettes, Capture and Conquer Mimics of All Kinds!

  Players can freely combine Chips, Drones, and other accessories to build their ideal Cadettes and repel hostile extraterrestrial forces. Furthermore, they’ll cultivate relationships with their devoted and obedient Cadettes throughout their interstellar journeys and unlock juicy bedroom scenes along the way. Battle and capture gorgeous Mimic girls such as the Octopus and the Medusa to experience the ultimate pleasures of sex beyond the boundaries of what is humanly possible.



The game's official launch is planned for early 2023. Captain, are you ready to show these monster maidens just how deep the bottomless abyss of their desires can go? Follow the game’s official social media pages to see new characters, images, and clips, and get the latest info on all events. Are you a shoot-em’-up vet with a penchant for monsters, tentacles, and the unknown of the cosmos? Then the Earth Federation needs you, Captain!


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Star Lusts

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